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PURE Hemp Extract
Produced in Colorado

cbd: a quick


CBD doesn’t get you high

CBD is a byproduct of the hemp plant and different than THC – the compound that makes you high.

Not all CBD Oil is created equally

CBD is the wild, wild west at the moment – it’s important to find a brand that is reputable and offers a quality product:

  • Origin is clearly depicted
  • Batch information is easily accessible

CBD is a natural remedy for many ailments

CBD is commonly used to address anxiety, and for patients who suffer through the misery of insomnia, studies suggest that CBD may help with both falling asleep and staying asleep.

CBD is beneficial for pets

Although not as heavily researched as effects on humans, early research indicates improvements for pain and mobility in dogs and cats (sources: Healthline and Veterinary News, respectively).

what exactly is cbd?

CBD is the common abbreviation for cannabidiol. This is a naturally occurring compound (a cannabinoid) found in its highest concentrations within the hemp plant. It does NOT adversely affect mental processes. In therapeutic doses, CBD does NOT cause adverse side effects. In fact, CBD neutralizes side effects from other cannabinoids like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). In those who use marijuana, CBD has shown efficiency in reducing paranoia and anxiety. (Whole Plant 101) cannabidiol (CBD) is one of over 100 known cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. It is a large, oil-based molecule that is currently under study for therapeutic benefits.


Since the federal legalization of hemp in 2014, people have been using CBD and have found it helps with things like pain, anxiety, digestive issues, neurological problems, and even genetic disorders. Although CBD is not approved by the FDA, the anecdotal evidence individuals have shared is overwhelming. The CBD used in our products comes from hemp and is 100% legal in all states.

cbd & the body

It all starts with our body’s natural endocannabinoid system. It is the system that overlays and coexists with all of our other working systems (i.e., digestive, reproductive, nervous, circulatory, endocrine, immune, muscular, renal, cardiovascular, even skin) that creates a balancing effect for these systems to work effectively. When we don’t feed this system properly our bodies become distressed; showcasing in the form of pain, anxiety, depression, and tough-to-treat diseases. If a person is using the correct oil, it will not just ease symptoms, but will literally repair the root cause on a cellular level.

step 1

Our hemp is grown and harvested from certified farms.
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step 2

It’s then processed into oil.

  •  CO2 (solvent-less) extraction method is used for our tinctures. This allows the oil to be more palatable and not have a bitter, planty taste.
  • Ethanol extract is used for topicals, capsules, and pet products.
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step 3

The extract is then formulated into products like tinctures, lotions, salves, capsules, cosmetics, and more.


  1. Growing the Hemp Plant
    • The Process starts with well nurtured hemp plants in Colorado. These are grown for creating our whole plant hemp products is extracting cannabinoids, terpenes and other beneficial products from the plant. By collecting all of components from the hemp plant, our products contain all of the advantages from this miraculous plant.
  2. After the initial extraction, our hemp oil is mixed into a carrier
    • We use smooth coconut oil for all of our tinctures. Each specific terpene blend is carefully selected for its therapeutic properties and to produce the desired effect; improve sleep, muscle recovery, anxiety relief, etc.
  3. Third Party Testing
    • To ensure the highest quality and consistency for our products, we employ third party testing. These tests show the specific cannabinoids, amount of each compound, as well as a breakdown of our terpene blends. Our goal is to ensure that every product is the same from order to order while achieving the best results possible. Clean, safe products are always our priority!

more on cannabinoids

Cannabinoids are active chemical compounds found in hemp and are closely related to chemicals in the body. Terpenes are naturally occurring essential oils that give hemp and other plants their unique tastes and aromas. Together, cannabinoids and terpenes work together in a synergistic relationship called the “entourage effect.” In essence, the two groups of compounds boost and enhance the effects in the body. Hemp is a wonderful source of omega fatty acids, which is great for cardiovascular health, increased energy and a reduction in inflammation.

the fleur de vie difference

Fleur de Vie uses whole-plant hemp oil for its products. Infused products made with whole-plant extracts have proven to be more effective than products made with CBD distillate or isolate. Higher purity is not better; purity being measured by the percent of CBD. The higher the purity, the less entourage effect there is. The entourage effect is a theory that propose botanical extracts (of all kinds) may be more effective in their whole and natural state. This effect results when the many components within the cannabis plant interact with the human body to produce a stronger influence than any one of those components alone – it’s a synergistic effect. All Fleur de Vie’s products are made with whole-plant hemp oil, naturally derived terpenes, herbal extract, and essential oils. All ingredients are natural, non-GMO, and organic whenever possible. All of Fleur de Vie’s hemp oil is derived from legal, licensed hemp farms, and is extracted and processed in certified facilities.