about fleur de vie


things we like to do

humble beginnings

In 2019, we started Fleur de Vie to breathe new life into a CBD market filled with subpar products and offerings. Empowered by the impact that CBD has had for our family, we set out to provide safe, high-quality CBD at radically fair prices.

Our initial introduction to CBD was a casual one. My wife Anna was always in-the-know when it came to the latest and greatest in home remedies. CBD came into the family picture years ago and helped us remedy stress and anxiety, physical pain, and even acne. Little did we know we had casually been using a treatment that would change my father’s life years later…

turning point

In 2018, my father was diagnosed with cancer.

During this time I began researching how CBD could remedy the effects of chemotherapy and reduce overall pain and inflammation. My father agreed to try CBD products in an effort to cope with the pain, loss of appetite, and lack of sleep.

Within a matter of days we started seeing improvements in pain management and sleep, and his appetite soon followed.

We were amazed by CBD and how it allowed him to live out his final days in relative peace and with minimal pain.

This inspired us. We had seen the impact that CBD had on the life of a cancer patient and we knew the potential for CBD went even further.

our drive

We’re inspired by the go-getters, the innovators, the dreamers; and our designs embody this very spirit. They’re built for adventuring, creating, and daring to disrupt the norm. Above all else, we create with the dream of enlivening our ultimate mission: to inspire you to live life on your own terms and take nothing for granted.

our mission

serve & educate

Our mission is to serve our community by educating and providing whole hemp CBD products for everyone. We want to get the true power of Hemp to the market. Educating the masses through our website and social media pages. When anyone comes across the brand fleur de vie they will know we stand for superior products, yielding undeniable results. We want everyone experience the Fleur de Vie difference!